Our Services

Orders of Service Sunday 19th September 2021

8am                 Said Eucharist (BCP)           

Presiding                        June+

9.30am            B1 Worship for All (Eucharist)

Presiding & Preaching      Jonathan+                 

11.15am          Matins (BCP) Psalm 119: 153-176

Officiating & Preaching    Jonathan+


Usual Service Times:

8am        Said Eucharist (BCP) 

Every Sunday (Common Worship on 1st Sunday)

9.30am   Main Parish Eucharist (Common Worship)       

2nd and 4th Sunday (and 1st and 3rd during August)

9.30am   B1 Breakfast Praise in the Village Hall               

 1st Sunday (except Aug)

9.30am   B1 Worship for All (Eucharist)                             

3rd Sunday (except Aug)

11.15am Matins (BCP)                                                   

Every Sunday (with choir on 3rd Sunday of the month)

3pm        Baptisms                                                          

2nd and 3rd Sundays (usually)

6pm        Evening Prayer/Evensong (BCP)                        

1st Sunday of the month


10am      Said Eucharist (BCP)     


9am Morning Prayer in the Scadbury Chapel

5th Sundays of the Month

SPECIAL SERVICES, as advertised

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