Since early Christianity, confirmation has been a way of Christians acknowledging their baptism in public and being ‘confirmed’ by a Bishop, who represents the wider church family.

Nowadays, many adults and young people who are confirmed do so as a way of ‘owning’ or ‘confirming’ their baptism as a child; but many adults also get baptised and confirmed in the same service (which was how it happened in the earliest days, before it became harder to find a bishop to be at every baptism!).

Confirmation services for adults and young people (usually age 12 upwards) are held annually, either at St Nicholas or another local church in the diocese.

We run courses each year for those who are considering being confirmed. The courses offer an overview of the Christian faith and a chance to explore our own personal questions.

Attending a course doesn’t mean you have to get confirmed; but we do ask that all those wanting to be confirmed attend a course.

If you are interested in being confirmed in 2020, please contact our Churchwardens at: